Mia Mélange, beautifully woven baskets.

Mia Mélange
Mia Mélange is a South African home decor & accessories label that produces beautifully woven products. Their woven baskets and planters are widely recognised as elegantly functional products of the highest quality.

Founded by Mia Danieli, the name Mia Mélange has a French inspiration. Mélange means mixture/blend in French, and it’s also a type of yarn that is commonly used in the textile and fashion industries. The yarn is typically made up of different kinds of fibers, or different colored fibers, which are blended together in a certain fixed ratio. When applied correctly, mélange yarn can be knitted or woven into a rich multicolored / textured fabric, which can be used for various purposes. The idea behind the name ‘Mia Mélange’ arose out of a desire to create a collection of eclectic products, with a strong emphasis on the bountiful world of textiles.

Mia Mélange believes in empowering women and creating opportunities.

We are passionate about our local community and strive to create jobs for previously unemployed women in our area. At our studio in Stellenbosch, we have a small team of highly valued crafters which are carefully trained and given a life skill.Mia Danieli

Their items can be purchased in local designer shops across South Africa and in selected boutiques overseas. Mia Mélange is 100% handmade in South Africa.

Visit their website at www.miamelange.com, or find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Shop 11, Ryneveld Plaza, 34 Ryneveld street, Stellenbosch 7600.

Photos and copy by Bredine Kruger.