A brand that truly gives back (in more ways than one); T-Shirts For Change is a Johannesburg-based fashion brand that is igniting real change through the sale of custom slogan T-shirts and apparel.  The project is based around the idea to give back to the community by aiding local charities and causes, where R100 from every item sold is donated to charity.
One of the T-shirts for Change projects (photographed here), the #FeministTeeProject, has raised R20 000 + for the Frida Hartley Women’s Shelter, through the sale of the FEMINIST tee and apparel. The FEMINIST sweatshirts and swimsuits are made 100% locally, and all printing is done by a local small business, Masumpa Merchandise branding.  When you buy from T-shirts For Change, not only are you benefitting local charities but also the local manufacturing industry small businesses.  This is conscious and ethical buying at its best.
“I thought to myself, what if this t-shirt could be more than just a bold word – but a bold campaign.  And so it seemed like a no-brainer to donate R100 from every t-shirt sold to a women’s charity, making the word on the t-shirt mean so much more.” – Nicole Ann Jowett, Owner.
The FEMINIST tee has done more than just raise funds for women in need.  By wearing the FEMINIST tee and apparel with pride consumers are breaking the stigmas and stereotypes around the word ‘Feminist’ and igniting conversations about what a modern Feminist is. You can click here for more info on the FEMINIST project.
Other campaigns include the #AfricanAF and #LOVEisLOVE campaigns, which contribute to Vision Afrika and The Luleki Sizwe Foundation.

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Photos and copy by Bredine Kruger.