In a world where many of our daily experiences are either sugar-coated, falsehoods or just plain ugly, Vrouw magazine has managed to bring the real in a publication filled with challenges we as women face on a daily basis.

It’s real, it’s raw and it’s just so damn pleasing to look at. The publication is made by women for women to celebrate women and what it entails to be a female living in modern society. With a big focus on art and photography as a means of expression, accompanied by hard-hitting interviews and stories, Vrouw is a feast for the eyes as well as the soul.

The first volume, The State of Being Exposed, tackles vulnerability; and how to turn that vulnerability into strength. In a society that strives for unattainable perfection, Vrouw uplifts and beautifies imperfection.

“Often we as women feel that being vulnerable marks us as being weak. The first issue of Vrouw goes to show how strong women are despite of the things that make us vulnerable, despite what we struggle with on a daily basis.” – Micaela Scholtz

Check out their Instagram and website. Vrouw Magazine is available for purchase online here.